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Learn To Audit Yourself, Just Do You

I’ve been following @GaryVee for awhile now. Great guy. Lot of energy. A great role model in some respects and not in others. A wonderful “virtual mentor”.

I just watched a video of him talking to a group of students at a USC entrepreneur class. He started of by saying that he believes 100%, with no hedge, that you can’t teach someone to be an entrepreneur.

His best piece of advice…

Audit Who You Are

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can be something that you can’t. Be you. Just do you. Bet on your strengths. Don’t worry at all about your weaknesses.

He goes on to talk about how he had a huge advantage because he was born in Belarus and was poor growing up in the U.S. He had it rough and he honestly believes most people are just too soft to compete with him. This is an honest truth we all need to accept.

Nothing more important then starting right now. Yesterday is always the best day to start.

True entrepreneurs work 16 hour days. True entrepreneurs go and get it done. True entrepreneurs execute the idea. True entrepreneurs hire out their weaknesses.

At the end of the day you just need to do you. Know yourself. What are your strengths? Ask yourself that every day. Be brutally honest. What are your strengths? Don’t just think about what they are. Write them down. Then stare at the page and ask yourself again. Ask your friends, family, colleagues what your strengths are. Maybe you are missing some strength cause it is so easy for you to do it, but that same strength is hard and doesn’t come naturally to a lot of other people. Maybe you are blind to it. Maybe you wrote something down that you think is a strength but most people would see it as a weakness.

Keep doing that. Think, Write, Get Feedback, Meditate, Repeat.

Don’t underestimate speed. Speed is a huge competitive advantage. Speed goes along with the idea of starting yesterday. Stay ahead of the game.

All that matters is the attention graph. All platforms will be media companies. Be a thought leader. Not a thought follower. Be on top of everything. Out work everyone. Don’t call yourself an expert. Just be the expert.

Your grandmother is on facebook now. What is next. Look at what companies Facebook is buying… Instagram, Snapchat, stay ahead of the game…

Fastest growth on Instagram is 40-50 year old women taking #selfies. No joke.

Keep asking, what is next, and be there…

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The Path of an Entrepreneur Series: The Beginning

Ahhh, an entrepreneur…

What kind of images does that word conjure in your head?

Images of you at cocktail parties explaining your latest business venture? Ideas of you working in your home office in your pajamas? How about talking to some movers and shakers in your industry about a potential partnership? Or maybe you just think it’s a lot more hard work then it’s worth…

Any of the above could be true. Many more possibilities can be dreamed up too. And many realities include a person such as yourself owning their own business. The question is… “Could that be you?”

My first confession is that I have been a small time serial entrepreneur for awhile now. By small time I mean I have “experimented” with a number of enterprises while holding down part or full time jobs. I made a little money here and there but never turned a business idea into a full time income.

Currently I am what one might consider an “intrapreneur.” This term used to be more popular in the 80’s and 90’s, but has since lost any kind of recognition it once had. As an intrapreneur I am helping to develop a new territory in the company I currently work for that I will practically own like a franchise once it is all said and done. While not providing all the benefits of being a full entrepreneur, it certainly also leaves out all the downside risk as well.

It is a happy medium for me, and it keeps me going to work happy nearly every day. I know many of you can and do aspire to this sort of arrangement. Many of you aspire to eventually freelance or start your own company someday as well. Or even get into consulting. For anyone that fits into these groups this series is definitely for you.

If you are happy in your career and don’t aspire to entrepreneurship then I would ask you to simply read this series as food for thought or continue to some of my other posts that deal more with career and work advice.

The beginning…

This series will cover a lot and I recommend that you subscribe so you don’t miss out on anything. I will start talking about the inspiration that is the beginning of any entrepreneurial journey. And some of the things you have to think about before you even begin.

Next I will talk about the nuts & bolts of a business. How to put one together. What tools, techniques, and resources you will need.

Finally I want to do some case studies and interviews with some successful entrepreneurs. And show you what it looks like when you reach that five year mark and your business is as solid as ever.

This will of course take weeks and months to cover, and I do hope that you will all add to the conversation by commenting. It certainly helps us all to learn and grow when people choose to join the discussion.

So welcome to The Path of an Entrepreneur Series and please enjoy!

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