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The Amazing World of the Internet

I can’t imagine living in any other time period then right now.

I love learning, and I love the internet because the amount of learning one can do is pretty much endless. I can soak up knowledge like a sponge, and hopefully translate it into actionable data and what we like to call wisdom…

Anyhow, before I get too deep I had to answer a few questions for myself…

Youtube.com is pretty much the place to share video on the internet. Possibly vimeo.com is a distant 2nd.

Blogging is the way to go for sharing words. Maybe Amazon.com is the place to share an ebook right now.

Soundcloud.com is the place to share sounds.

Just found dropshots.com, a place for sharing photos and video. You can count photobucket.com in there too. Flickr.com too.

You can share a lot on itunes.com if you have audio content.

Podomatic.com is pretty sweet if you want to make a podcast.

Just found writeboard.com which is a cool way to collaborate on only text document with people. Google docs can handle this too.

On top of all the specialized sharing you can store as much as 5GB or more at certain places like Google and Amazon and share content from them too.

Not to mention Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Myspace, and all the other social sharing sites out their that let you share anything and everything to your hearts desire.

I love taking part in it all. Being both a consumer and content producer is a pleasure. And I wish more people would take the time and energy to produce good stuff. Alas, the market must demand it first…

Anyhow, I’ll leave you with this piece of awesomeness…

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