Colorado Trail – Final Thoughts and Photos

Well I had thought I could post more on my website during the Colorado Trail, but I spent little time in towns. And what precious time I had was spent getting food, calling loved ones, and figuring out logistics.

I posted a lot on Facebook and the pictures from my iPhone are posted there.

The pictures from my Nikon SLR turned out pretty good and I decided to make them available on Google Plus. You don’t have to be a Google Plus member to view them, but you do need to be if you want to comment on them at all.

My Colorado Trail Photos on Google Plus.

Here is one of my favorite photos…

Overall I would say that my trip has been a success, as far as fulfilling the reasons why I went.

I wanted to challenge myself in a unique way physically. I wanted to be in nature. I wanted to explore more of Colorado. I wanted to have a good time with friends and possibly meet some new ones. I wanted some alone time to think. All of these things were fulfilled.

I like to think that the Colorado Trail was everything I thought it would be and nothing that I thought it would be.

It was a true adventure.

For those wondering, I didn’t quite finish the whole trail. I skipped Segment 12 because of downed trees. And I didn’t finish the last 74 miles from Molas Pass to Durango because my friend hurt his knee. I couldn’t push him to do the mileage in the time we had, and I certainly didn’t want to finish alone.

The point where I decided not to finish the trail this year was an emotional one. I hate to admit it but I cried at this point. I am not entirely sure why. Perhaps it was because this was the second time a friend of mine injured himself on my trip and I felt guilty. Perhaps it was because I didn’t want to be alone. Perhaps it was because I saw my goal of finishing the trail this year fade into nothing.

Perhaps it was everything and more. Either way I learned a few things through this experience and that might be the main reason I went on this journey. To learn more about myself and the world around me.

I learned that I need people more than I ever realized. I have always considered myself a pretty independent person, and I truly am. But just because I am independent doesn’t mean I don’t need people.

My faith in the goodness of people was also renewed on this trip. It seemed like every time I needed help someone was there right away. To give me camphor oil (for my shin splint), a mechanical pencil (cause I lost my pen to journal with), and a ride to town (cause every hiker needs a burger and a beer).

Lastly, I think this trip just helped me to dream a bit bigger… To travel a little more… And to truly enjoy everything that life has to offer…