Through Hiking the Colorado Trail

During the month of June 2012 I will be through hiking the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. I created this page to act as my trail journal so I could document my journey. I will write articles on a number of topics including my reasons for doing the hike, my gear choices, and the actual day to day happenings on the trail. Please feel free to email me any questions or comments at

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1. Thru Hiking the Colorado Trail – Prologue

2. The Ultralight Backpacking Philosophy

3. Gear Testing 4/20/12

4. How to Go Lighter by Glen Van Peski of Gossamer Gear

5. The Final Gear List (With Price and Potential Upgrades)

6. Hiking the Colorado Trail – Clothing Considerations

7. The 10 Essentials of Backpacking

8. Backpacking Food for the Colorado Trail

9. Final Thoughts and Photos

10. Lessons from The Colorado Trail 2013

Update: I finally finished the trail June 19th, 2013. I am pretty excited to have finished and to share what I have learned. Feel free to ask me any and all questions. Happy Trails!

The contents of these articles will eventually be made available in book form. If you have any ideas for topics I missed or any questions, again feel free to email me at

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