More Chris Kresser, Plus Mat LaLonde, and Robb Wolf

Here is a great podcast that I just listened too where Robb Wolf and Chriss Kresser were talking about a lot of great topics…

Copied from the page…

Chris’ Background
Fish Oil
Safe Starches
Intermittent Fasting
Constipation on a Paleo Diet
Leaky Gut

This was a really great well rounded discussion on Paleo Food. But I am listing it because it includes one of the most amazing quotes by Chris Kresser…

He says, “Antibiotics were the pathology of the 20th century, Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability) will be the pathology of the 21st century.”

By this he means that we won the war on bacteria with the use of antibiotics. Now we are going to be learning how to use probiotics to combat this leaky gut syndrome, which is one of the biggest causes of various other diseases and symptoms including cancer, and heart disease.

Very interesting and useful stuff…

Now we come to Mat LaLonde. He sounds like such an interesting guy on the podcasts. He is a PhD biochemist from Harvard and supplies these guys with a lot of deep science, research studies, and comedic relief. He reminds me of a happier version of House MD.

Here are two podcasts he is included in…

I wish Mat had his own website. Not sure why he doesn’t. Maybe he is too busy?

Recently they held the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard and Mat gave a a speech basically saying that we should all be careful making statements across the board. He seems to bring more hardcore science to the table then anyone else in Paleo community and I love it.

Next research project… What is a ketogenic diet?