Beginning Programming, The Mountain is Massive

Literally where in the world do you begin? So much out there and if you are trying to teach yourself vs. go to a school… well, it’s just downright scary.

I landed on this page where the guy pretty much lays out what each of the more popular programming languages does and the kind of language you use depends on your job function…

Which Language Should I Learn First?

I also found Lifehacker’s Learn to Code: The Full Beginner’s Guide and the great thing is that it comes in PDF format.

Stanford has a highly recommended course you can take for free online simply called Introduction to Computer Science. Its a basic methodology class that will hopefully teach me more about algorithms and the real basics of programming in general.

And when it comes time to really dig down deep I found this free resource of over 500 books on GitHub. Free Programming Books Seems like they aren’t really in PDF format for the most part but I can always just send them to my kindle because they are one big page of text.

And so I had to pick one language to start with. The best recommendation I got was to start with the easiest language possible because the first language will most certainly be the hardest. While Ruby on Rails has always grabbed my attention the real winner is…


Its what appears to be a simple 13 hour beginner course offered at Codecademy so that’s where I am going to start. Like all things it will take time but I will try to give an update once I am in the middle or at the end of the course.