Bernanke’s Inflation is Fueling a Bubble in Asia

The saga continues…

Weakening the dollar here causes inflation to happen abroad as investment money flows out of the U.S. and into China.

That’s the news over at Sovereign Man in his article also named Bernanke’s Inflation is Fueling a Bubble in Asia.

Real Estate prices are soaring and getting past the point of profitability. Rents simply aren’t keeping up.

These and other indicators are signs of a coming bubble.

Many other nations are also manipulating their currency to keep it from rising so fast against the dollar, and causing prices to soar on all things, including commodities.

All of this continues to amaze me as I think about just how interconnected the world economy is, and how much we rely on each other.

It also makes me think about how I can best prepare for the future. Where my money should be invested. And what skills I should gain as we continue on into this future we are putting together.