Current Projects

Current Projects

1. Finish Personal Finance Book

  1. Write Introduction
  2. Organize Chapters
  3. Plug All Written Material Into Appropriate Chapters
  4. Edit, Edit, Edit
  5. Edit Some More (Adding and subtracting content as needed)
  6. Finish Cover Design (Hired Out)
  7. Submit To CreateSpace, Kindle, Smashwords, B&N, etc.)
  8. Do short marketing tour on at least 10 personal finance blogs

Time Frame: January 2012-March 2012

2. Compile Writing for Personal Health Book

  1. Write 52 blog posts about health related topics from January 2012 – April 2012.
  2. Draw material from readings and personal experience
  3. Research top health topics people desire to know about
  4. Personally practice any of my research that could legitimately improve my health

Time Frame: January 2012-August 2012
Planned Book Release Date: Sept 2012-Dec 2012

3. Meet Strength and Speed Goals

  1. Increase Weight From 150 pounds (Jan 2012) to 160 pounds (Dec 2012) mostly in the form of muscle mass.
  2. Increase Max Bench Press from 185 pounds to 250 pounds
  3. Increase Max Squat from 275 to 365 pounds
  4. Increase Max Deadlift from 315 to 405
  5. If I accomplish the three above I will be solidly in the 1,000 pound club (combined weight of all three lifts)
  6. Take my 10k from 52 minutes to 45 minutes.
  7. Attain a sub-6 minute mile

Time Frame: 10k time to beat in Bolder Boulder Memorial Day 2012. All other goals are by year end.

4. House Project:

  1. Put in new front door and window
  2. Finish backyard landscaping
  3. Rebuild backyard fence
  4. Finish bathroom remodel including new tile and new bathroom window
  5. Finish trim work, and painting.
  6. Make list of small things to do and do them

Time Frame: By year end 2012

5. Upcoming Project?