Fermented Foods, Wheat Belly, Being Overweight, & Joel Salatin

So I am still listening to Jack Spirko’s Survivalist Podcast. I am learning so much it is ridiculous!


Lately I have been looking more and more into fermented foods such as Kimchi, and the health benefits associated with fermented foods.

As I dug deeper into Jack’s podcasts I found a great one where he interviewed this guy named Bryan Davis and he had a lot of great stuff to share with us on the show.

If you are interested in this kind of stuff simply head on over to askbryan.com, and look around. That is what I am doing right now.

Also I have been hearing tons about this new book called “Wheat Belly” by William Davis. Here is his blog simply called the Wheat Belly Blog.

As you can imagine the grain producers are not too happy about this new book and they are doing their best to mount a PR campaign against it. Here is a great article called Grain Producers Respond to Wheat Belly.

We’ve seen these types of things from meat producers, milk producers, tobacco producers, you name it. I bet the grain producers never thought they would see the day they would be accused of producing an unhealthy product. First time for everything I guess…

Just watched the movie Fat Head. One of the most profound things they stated was how easy it was to qualify as “overweight” or “obese” according to the National Institute of Health.

I had to check this so I went to the BMI calculator on the NIH website…


My height and weight gives me a BMI of 24.2. A BMI of 25 is considered overweight. I guarantee no one that knows me would define me as fat. Since I am on a mass building program I will eventually go over a BMI of 25 and be considered overweight. But I’ll be overweight from muscle, not fat.

Now granted, I have been within the “normal weight” BMI all my life, and not many people will gain as much muscle as a percentage of body mass as I am doing, but it just goes to show that the BMI isn’t the best standard of health.

Finally, Joel Salatin has a new book out called, “Folks, This Ain’t Normal“.

I got my reading and research planned out for me. Lots of great stuff to come in the new year as I report back on all my findings.