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Permaculture Plus Paleo Diet = Greatness

This has been an idea brewing in a lot of people’s heads lately. These two movements just seem to come together naturally.

And I am excited to say that today two of the leaders of their respective movements came together to talk about how these two huge ideas merge.

Jack Spirko hosted Robb Wolf on his Survival Podcast and it was a great show. Here is the link…

Robb Wolf On Paleo Nutrition and Permaculture

They start out with some of the low level stuff and get to the “30,000 feet level” pretty quick, as Robb puts it.

I love thinking about how we can make our lives healthy and sustainable. And I think these two big concepts get the majority of things right.

We are all still learning how to best optimize our lives, but I think anyone can benefit from learning about these two big concepts. Enjoy!

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Health News Today 12.4.11

Well perhaps my health news will turn into a monthly post instead of a weekly. This might be more appropriate as there is always a number of worthy news articles being produced on a weekly basis.

In any case, here is the latest…

Younger Americans Face Greater Health Disparities – Just interesting to think about.

Why Gamers Are A Great Fit at the Gym – Talks about a great new website called Fitocracy that helps you track your fitness improvements.

How To Prevent Colds and Flus Naturally – Quite the timely advice for the winter season.


P.S. Happy Holidays!

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Health News Today 11.6.11

So I decided to start my own little health news column to keep track of the most interesting health articles I am finding. Hope you enjoy them too!

Beef Up Muscles, Cut Diabetes Risk

Man Comes Here To Have A Laugh; Ends Up Losing 65 Pounds

Mrs. United States 2011 embraces Paleo Lifestyle

Lack of Sleep Linked To Belly Fat

Please leave your comments and let me know of any other articles of interest.


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More Chris Kresser, Plus Mat LaLonde, and Robb Wolf

Here is a great podcast that I just listened too where Robb Wolf and Chriss Kresser were talking about a lot of great topics…

Copied from the page…

Chris’ Background
Fish Oil
Safe Starches
Intermittent Fasting
Constipation on a Paleo Diet
Leaky Gut

This was a really great well rounded discussion on Paleo Food. But I am listing it because it includes one of the most amazing quotes by Chris Kresser…

He says, “Antibiotics were the pathology of the 20th century, Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability) will be the pathology of the 21st century.”

By this he means that we won the war on bacteria with the use of antibiotics. Now we are going to be learning how to use probiotics to combat this leaky gut syndrome, which is one of the biggest causes of various other diseases and symptoms including cancer, and heart disease.

Very interesting and useful stuff…

Now we come to Mat LaLonde. He sounds like such an interesting guy on the podcasts. He is a PhD biochemist from Harvard and supplies these guys with a lot of deep science, research studies, and comedic relief. He reminds me of a happier version of House MD.

Here are two podcasts he is included in…

I wish Mat had his own website. Not sure why he doesn’t. Maybe he is too busy?

Recently they held the Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard and Mat gave a a speech basically saying that we should all be careful making statements across the board. He seems to bring more hardcore science to the table then anyone else in Paleo community and I love it.

Next research project… What is a ketogenic diet?

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David Csonka, Food Rights, and Paleo Recipes

The past few days here is what I have been reading about…

David Csonka has a great website called Naturally Engineered where he writes about things near and dear to my heart such as nutrition and fitness. He is definitely a blogger I will be following…

Naturally Engineered

A post about food rights you just need to read for yourself…

Food Rights

Finally some blogs and a new book out for people looking more into a Paleo Diet.

Paleo Plan

Paleo Food

The Food Lovers Primal Palate

As always, so much research, so little time…

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Daniel John, Chris Kresser, and Food is Fuel

I just wanted to throw out a few links of people I am reading about currently.

Daniel John is a coach, athlete, and author that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. I have already downloaded and read a few of his free PDFs about life, Olympic lifting, and athleticism.

Here is a link to his site: Daniel John

Chris Kresser is an acupuncturist that also happens to be a great writer. He digs down into the science of things and writes about them in laymen’s terms which I love. He has a ton of articles on his site which I am trying to dig through.

Here is a link to his site: Chris Kresser

Finally I learned about this guy’s website through He hasn’t revealed his name yet, but it is a great story about losing over 250 pounds of weight. Very inspiring. When you get to his site click on his Fitocracy profile and read his full story.

Here is a link to his site: Food is Fuel

More to come so stay tuned…

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