Simon Black – International Investor

I just wanted to take the time to mention a very intriguing new website I found.

It is called Sovereign Man and it is written by a guy named Simon Black who does a daily report from the field (currently Nigeria) about economics, investing, and international business.

I love the site, and I have subscribed to it.

It is a whole let better than reading the normal international business news sites like CNN.

It is a much more intimate look into what’s happening in the local economies of a bunch of different countries and it is well worth the read if you are doing any kind of international investing at all.

Check it out, it’s well worth the visit…

2 thoughts on “Simon Black – International Investor”

  1. Jeremy,
    Thanks for the mention. We do our best at and Simon and I appreciate the plug. You’ve got quite an interesting site yourself.


    1. Hi Matt,

      Well thanks for taking the time to visit here too. Im very interested in what is going on in the international business/economic field and your site is very enlightening. I will be talking quite a bit about China here so feel free to keep updated on what I have to say.


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