These are the most important people to listen to…

Your critics.

If you can stomach it, if you have the courage, if you want to improve…

Too often we are blind to our own faults, and we get stuck on a plateau.

We have met with just enough success, just enough praise, just enough results, that we stop growing.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to listen to your encouragers, it’s great to listen to people praise you and your work, but what is it going to do for you? Make you feel good, and maybe let you know you are on the right track.

And that is worth a lot, but the best people in their field are those that seek every opportunity to improve. And huge opportunities come from your critics.

Now remember there is a difference between a critic and an idiot. An idiot will only criticize you to bring you down. They don’t have much to offer and wish you were on the same level as they are.

A good critic is one with experience and wisdom. Because we are blind to our own short comings and because our fans are too, we often can’t see the hole in our business, political stance, product, service, etc.

A good critic will see the hole and tell you about it. A good opportunist will see the hole and exploit it. We should all be so lucky to have critics that aren’t opportunists. 😉

Think about this for just a few minutes…

Look at what they are saying. Are they idiots or are they good critics offering you a great piece of information to improve yourself, or your business or product?

Only you will have the discernment to know.

And only your heart will help you to determine the final answer…

“Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults.” – Benjamin Franklin

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